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The Viennese school system is still in the very beginning – News flashes from the side line


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"Lukas Resetarits und die narzistische Kränkung der Künstler*innen"

Im Laufe der Zweiten Republik haben Künstler*innen Großes für Österreich geleistet. Ihnen ist es zu verdanken, dass der am Boden liegende Kleinstaat nach 1945 sich zur weltweit geachteten „Kulturgroßmacht“ aufschwingen konnte (um dabei auch gleich die Beteiligung vieler Österreicher*innen am Nazi-Regime vergessen zu machen). Sie sind mit Bruno Kreisky in den 1970er Jahren ein Stück […]

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Michael Wimmer is in close contact with a young generation of artists. In dealing with their work he is experiencing the world in ever new ways and draws from it many inspiration. At regular intervals you will find here a selection of artistic works that have addressed Michael Wimmer in a special way.

> Paul Schuberth
As the third artist I am now allowed to present the accordionist Paul Schuberth. He works as a freelance artist in the field of “classical, new music” as well as in the field of “jazz, improvised music, world music”.

> Mara Guseynova
Mara Guseynova is now the second artist I am allowed to present. She was born in Baku/Azerbaijan and since 2015 she is a graduate student in the class for solo singing at the University of Music and Performing Arts.

> Zhanina Marinova
As the first young artist I have chosen Zhanina Marinova. She was born in Varna/Bulgaria and has been studying graphics and printmaking at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna since 2013.

Culture is a Permanent Battle-Field

– Stuart Hall