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Summit on European Cultural Politics and New Digital Solutions

Debating the Future of European Cultural Policy - and the Role Digital Spaces Could Play


Reference in: Metropole "Corrupt Austria

The Art of Funding (Janima Nam) (2021): Austria is a cultural powerhouse and more than willing to invest public funds in the arts. But where does all the money go?


Another Non-word of the Year: ArtandCulture

On a Specific Form of Laziness in the Art Business


Arts and Culture in Education. Searching for a New Land of Cooperation

In: International Association of Educating Cities (IAEC) (2020): City, Culture and Education


Arts and Culture in Education

Searching for New Land of Cooperation


“Fusion Skills”

The Viennese school system is still in the very beginning – News flashes from the side line



"Elfriede Jelinek über Ingeborg Bachmann – eine Erschütterung"

Im Wiener Literaturmuseum widmet sich die aktuelle Spezialausstellung gerade Ingeborg Bachmann. Vor dem Hintergrund der Veröffentlichung des Briefwechsels von Ingeborg Bachmann und Max Frisch “Wir haben es nicht gut gemacht” habe ich vorbeigeschaut. Ja, da wird eine aus ihren Widersprüchen schöpfende Autorin anhand vielfältiger Manuskripte, Briefe, Typoskripte, Bücher, Objekte, Photos und Videos aus verschiedenen Perspektiven […]

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Michael Wimmer is in close contact with a young generation of artists. In dealing with their work he is experiencing the world in ever new ways and draws from it many inspiration. At regular intervals you will find here a selection of artistic works that have addressed Michael Wimmer in a special way.

> Timothy Nouzak
A young Austrian-American performance artist and choreographer whose artistic work is embedded in various movement-oriented “score” practices. He is interested in strategies of inter- and transnational collaboration to rethink decentralised work processes around the notion of “social choreography”.

> Barbara Maria Neu
A new artist who introduces herself here is Barbara Maria Neu. In addition to her work as a classical clarinettist in the chamber music field, she seeks in her own artistic work the integration of music and instrumental playing in a performative and scenic presentation as well as a connection of music to visual art.

>Naemi Latzer
The fifth artist to be introduced on this website is Naemi Latzer. Her artistic path led her from dance to acting. Since completing her acting studies at the MUK (with distinction), she has been working as a freelance artist. Her preferred forms of artistic expression include spoken theater, dance, performance, readings, radio and film.

> Verena Zangerle
Verena Zangerle was born in Rum/Tyrol, lives and works in Vienna/Austria. She has always been fascinated by the power that abstraction has not to imitate reality, but to generate something new. Medially she moves in the fields of drawing, painting and printmaking.

> Paul Schuberth
As the third artist I am now allowed to present the accordionist Paul Schuberth. He works as a freelance artist in the field of “classical, new music” as well as in the field of “jazz, improvised music, world music”.

> Mara Guseynova
Mara Guseynova is now the second artist I am allowed to present. She was born in Baku/Azerbaijan and since 2015 she is a graduate student in the class for solo singing at the University of Music and Performing Arts.

Culture is a Permanent Battle-Field

– Stuart Hall